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LEO Computers brings together a wide range of genuine I.T. products and value-priced merchandise on its platform. Our core goal is to enable businesses and professionals to run their businesses with authentic I.T. products that are durable, affordable, and can get the job done. LEO Computers is your number one stop for quality tech gadgets and devices to power up your business or lifestyle. Founded in 2007 and dedicated to providing quality laptops, computers, accessories, printers, toners, UPS, and many more to companies and professionals wherever you are. We are one of the top tech distributors in West Africa. We have officially partnered with many global brands from HP, DELL, InFocus, Lenovo, Sharp, Samsung, and Canon to Acer, APC, Veeda, and many more.

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Buy computers online from LEO Computers. If you are looking for a trusted computer company, LEO Computers is a known brand for selling all kinds of computers. Are you looking for the best computers for college, the best gaming computers, the best laptop computers, the best computers for kids, computers for seniors, computers for schools, or computers for college students, browse our website and find what quality and authentic computers are for your needs. We have partnered officially with global computer manufacturing companies to bring you the best. If you are looking for computers from top brands such as Dell computers, apple computers, hp computers, etc. then have no worries, we are here for you. You can also find different types of computers on our website such as all-in-one computers, desktop computers, etc.

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Need laptops for sale in Nigeria? Are you looking for where to buy laptops online? We are the best place to shop for high-end laptop devices. Let us be your plug. We are always committed to serving and whatever your business, personal, or professional laptop needs, we have you covered. If you need laptops for different uses, such as the best gaming laptop, the best laptop for students, laptop for programming, or laptop for graphic design we have a wide stock of laptops that can help you achieve this. Also, we have different laptops from top brands such as Acer laptops, hp laptops for sale, Alienware laptops, Asus gaming laptops, apple laptops, Toshiba laptops for sale, Dell laptops for sale, and many more. Also buy your laptop accessories such as laptop backpacks, laptop chargers, laptop cooling pads, external laptop cameras, external laptop Bluetooth and many more.

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You can shop for genuine printers on LEO Computers. We sell printers from top brands such as hp printers, canon printers, Epson printers, Brother printers, and many more. We have partnered with Canon, Brothers and HP, and other top brands. You can also find laser printers, color laser printers, design jet printers, inkjet printers, laserjet printers, all-in-one printers, mobile printers, and many more for your business and home use. We only sell authentic printers directly sourced from the manufacturers and we are always available anytime you need help.

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Photocopiers for sale in Nigeria, from LEO Computers, a leading brand in Nigeria. Get the best photocopier machines for sale, for your business needs. We sell top photocopiers from Lexmark, sharp, canon, or HP and you can rest assured that your purchases are safe and authentic since we only sell photocopiers directly sourced from the manufacturers.